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UK’s FCA Warn Investors of Volatility in Cryptocurrency Investment


UK’s FCA Warn Investors of Volatility in Cryptocurrency Investment

UK’s FCA Warn Investors of Volatility in Cryptocurrency Investment

The UK’s 🇬🇧 Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have just made a statement to warn investors of the volatility in the crypto market, like we haven’t been harping on about this for years!

Don’t get me wrong, its brilliant because people need to know it’s a volatile, young, growing, exciting marketplace that can bring high risk, high reward and potential investors should be sensible by only putting into it, what they can afford to lose.

No markets travel in a straight line, people should exercise caution and seek help from experienced investors but at the same time, where were these statements from the FCA over the past decade?

Where were the warnings for the investors that got into this in 2017 with Bitcoin priced at $19K before it crashed down to $3K?

Oh, by the way, if the people that sold during that crash would’ve held on they would be sitting quite nicely right now with Bitcoin at over $35K

These investors had to learn the hard way!

Remember, you only lose if you sell your crypto. Long-term the proof is there that this market is growing and every market goes through cycles of ups and downs, it’s all about keeping your nerve during crashes.

This comes with years of experience, so now that banks, governments and major corporations have a direct interest in this marketplace because they can make a significant amount of money, gain a significant amount of control, they know that the future is in digital currencies, so they need to make sure they are warning the little guy now 🤔

Ha! 🤣 Don’t make me laugh! 🤣

Bitcoin has been on a fantastic run so far and was at a new all time high of nearly $42K last week and has dropped to lows of $32K in the last 24hrs.

It can’t go up all the time! It has to give a little bit back, that’s how healthy growing markets work.

Remind me again of how the stock market performed in 2008?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, 20% down in 1 day!This👆🏽is an established, far less volatile market.

Guys don’t be blindsided by the opportunities available in crypto, when most people are running away, you should be running in accumulating!

Bitcoin & other top crypto projects will hit new all time highs this year.

How do I know?

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