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We Coach Crypto Trading

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  • Part 1 - The Course
  • Part 2 – The Alerts
  • Part 3 – Get Started

Part 1 - The Course

We teach you:

How to open a Binance account
How to setup, verify, deposit and withdraw funds
How to buy and sell crypto on Binance using limit orders
How to use stop limit orders to buy breakout trades
How to use the stop limit sell order to protect against potential market corrections
How to use Trading View, the world’s best charting software
We will teach you how to read charts like a pro, so you can trade crypto professionally using these charting skills
You will learn how to use the best indicators, and the best trading software out there.

Why Binance?

We use Binance because it is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, it provides fantastic security, liquidity and gives you the most exposure to the crypto marketplace.

Institutional-grade algo trading capabilities

Expanding list of cryptoassets & stablecoins

Buy & sell crypto instantly

The course is short and extremely easy to follow compiled in a pdf file full of video walkthroughs that even your grandmother could follow!

Deep liquidity & tight spreads

Unique set of tokenised assets

Free deposits & withdrawals

Our expert team give every new customer an introduction explainer call and we provide ongoing support via Telegram with our expert team on hand for you.

No question ever goes unanswered with We Coach Crypto

Part 2 – The Alerts

Entry Points

We monitor cryptocurrencies 24/7 to find opportunities to cash in on break outs. Our experienced team collect data on those opportunities and notify you immediately to act on them.

Stop Losses

We check the charts before and during trades to identify where things can potentially go wrong. We have a solution to minimise risk and block hefty losses for you. We do that by deciding, through analysis, experience and foresight, the right points to set stop-loss orders if the market doesn’t move in your favour.

Taking Profits

Now that we have found the right trades and the best points for entry. The next part is understanding when to exit the trade with maximum profit. We find that and share it with you on every signal.

Part 3 – Get Started

Now all that is left to do is get started, come and join hundreds of other people
that are taking advantage of We Coach Crypto’s services

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