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BY Funsho Ajibade -
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The phenomenon of cryptocurrency continues as more and more people identify the fantastic opportunities to make money and change the way they transact that cryptocurrency provide.
As great as this new technology is, there are a great deal of pitfalls to watch out for! 
These include a wide variety of scams, understanding what exchanges to use, how to send and receive cryptocurrency, Undertaking due diligence on projects worth investing into, creating a structured portfolio of different cryptocurrencies and most importantly the security aspects.
To ensure that everyone understands how to educate themselves prior to investing and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, we created a guide to get you started. 

Here is what you get from our


✅ How to buy cryptocurrencies
✅ How to sell cryptocurrencies
✅ How to exchange crypto for crypto
✅ How to withdraw funds
✅ How to use leading exchanges and platforms 
✅ What cryptocurrency is, how it works and why it is so important 
✅ Security & Common Pitfalls 
✅ How to setup a hardware wallet for ultimate security of your cryptocurrency

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