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Digital Asset Portfolio Management Service


Digital Asset Portfolio Management Service

Perfect for serious long-term investors looking for exposure to professionally managed portfolios of cryptocurrency assets, DeFi networks and Blockchain projects with the added benefit of experts on hand to guide you through at every step, what projects are worth investing into and why.

We pride ourselves on 3 key things at We Coach Crypto

Extensive knowledge
Relying on the day-to-day expert research and analysis of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, so you can reliably make sound investment decisions.

Digital asset protection
Using a reliable custody mechanism for digital assets is paramount and we have offline solutions to keep your investment safe at all times.

Flexible investment options
A diversified portfolio strategy from long standing vetted digital assets, access to early development projects with explosive growth potential, or exposure to high risk/reward projects, our team have you covered.

We take the hassle, stress and time out of investing in digital assets, in our Digital Asset Portfolio Management Service.  

Our executive team that includes Funsho and Dean at We Coach Crypto brings over 10 years of experience in digital technology investment, research, analysis, risk and wealth management.

We currently help our clients to manage their investment funds which is in the millions of pounds.

Our approach is about delivering significant value and education for your investment in Cryptocurrency to be successful by actively managing your portfolio over the long-term providing you with guidance and support throughout.


Below are just some of the benefits you will get from working with us.


Personal or Business setup and onboarding service

  • Setup and verification on leading exchanges for maximum exposure
  • Exchange walkthrough and navigation
  • Setup of security devices
  • Tutorial on how to buy, sell & exchange cryptocurrencies
  • Tutorial on how to deposit and withdraw fiat funds


Crypto Investment Portfolio

  • We build & structure a crypto investment portfolio around your budget and goals with our winning strategies and extensive project knowledge.
  • Bookable mentoring and strategy sessions available
  • We execute your portfolio with you and execute any further additions if required
  • Portfolio tracking software walkthrough for instant access to portfolio performance

Inner Circle Group

  • 12 months access to Funsho, Dean and the rest of our team to support and guide you
  • 1 on 1 mentoring calls weekly
  • Investment opportunities with new projects
  • Critical Industry Updates / News
  • Market Analysis
  • Monthly newsletter


  • Full walkthrough, explanation and setup of a cryptocurrency hardware wallet
  • Full hand in hand guidance transferring your crypto from exchanges to your hardware wallet

Important note:

We NEVER hold your cryptocurrency assets; you are always in full control of your investment and will be taught to place all trades yourself as well as store your cryptocurrency assets safely and securely.



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