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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Building Service


Cryptocurrency Portfolio Building Service

What you will get and learn

• How to structure a sensible and profitable portfolio
• Learn how to hedge positions and use cost averaging
• Learn what to look for in cryptocurrency projects
• Learn how to diversify your portfolio
• Learn when and how to take profits while still maintaining a strong position for future growth
• 2 hours of one to one time with Dean building your crypto portfolio from start to finish
• Lifetime support group with Dean on WhatsApp & Telegram



Hi my name is Dean Haer, I am 35 years old and have dedicated the last 8 years to studying the economy. I have a keen interest in assets like gold, silver and more recently cryptocurrency.
Since early 2016 I knew that cryptocurrency was the future of finance and quickly identified the opportunities that it brings as an asset class, sovereignty and the technology it brings to the world.
As an investor, I have been through the highs and lows of the market and learned the hard way as there was no real support available back then as it was such a new market and technology.
Now I teach people my knowledge, years of experience investing and understanding what good projects look like in this marketplace. I build portfolios for our clients so they have a structured, diversified outlook on investing. Teaching people how to hedge positions, make money and pull profits on the way up and strengthen positions on the way down.
Speak to me about how to make money the smart way in this market, you keep your assets, you trade and invest, I teach you how.